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LINDA magazine. IN STORES TODAY. They've inteviewed me about my style and we shot some cool pictures on a beautiful sunny day. The team I did this with is AMAZING! Thank you. This is such an honour #fashion #magazine #LINDA

Marc de Groot – fotograaf
Irena Ruben – visagie
Roel Schagen – styling
Tekst - Barbelijn Bertram

Ntjam Linda Magazine August 2014

Linda 2014 cover

Ntjam Rosie @ the ‘NACHTZOEN’

Annemieke Schrijver interviews Ntjam about her passions in life! Dutch TV! Ned 2

Watch it here




Singer Ntjam Rosie joins World Vision to help the world’s poorest children

Amersfoort – Dutch singer and fashion icon Ntjam Rosie becomes ambassador of the international development organization World Vision, to stand up for the rights of children who are living in poverty. The collaboration between Rosie and World Vision will officially start on December 14th at the Goudse Schouwburg in Gouda, where she performs her show ‘At the back of beyond’ as part of her theatre tour through The Netherlands. In her position as ambassador, Rosie will raise awareness of vulnerable children in developing countries. “The reason I’m becoming ambassador of World Vision, is because I believe every child has the right to a sound base: going to school, drinking clean water, having a roof over your head and living in a loving environment.”

Ntjam Rosie was born in Cameroon and knows what it’s like to grow up in an African village. “I know what it feels like to walk for hours to go to school. I know how it feels when a water pump is built in the middle of your village and you no longer have to walk miles into the forest to get water. Good health care and education are very normal in The Netherlands, but in some countries it is not like that at all! What I like the most about World Vision is the sustainability of their vision. The aim is that at the end of their program, the community will be self-sustaining and independent. That is a wonderful aspiration.

Ambassadors give children a voice

World Vision also is excited to start the collaboration. Ntjam Rosie performed at the North Sea Jazz festival and is a widely known jazz singer. The Dutch public can also know her from her performances in the television show De Wereld Draait Door, and because of interviews in national newspapers and women’s magazines. Aline Soerdjpal, coordinator of the Dutch World Vision ambassadors, explains why it is important to have Ntjam Rosie as ambassador: “By working together with ambassadors as Ntjam Rosie we give a voice to children who would otherwise not be heard. In this way we can make a difference in the lives of children in developing countries and in the lives of people here.”

Theatre tour ‘At the back of beyond’

Ntjam Rosie toured through Asia and Eastern Europe with her show called ‘At the back of beyond’, named after her recently launched album. At the moment she performs in Dutch theatres. After her performance on December 14th Rotterdam and Amsterdam on December 19th explain more about her ambassadorship and what it means for children to be able to live their lives in all its fullness.

Successful tour Ntjam Rosie China and South-Korea

Ntjam Rosie had a very successful tour participating at cultural exchange programs in China and playing concerts in South Korea. This tour was supported by FONDS PODIUM KUNSTEN (FPK) and the Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong .

27 Sep - Beishan International Jazz Festival, Zhuhai
28 Sep - Xiwu Jazz Week, Guangzhou
30 Sep - Hong Kong Jazz Festival
4 Oct - Jarasum Jazz Festival, South Korea
5 Oct - Ruymijae Gallery House, South Korea
6 Oct - All That Jazz Club, Seoul
7 Oct - Once in a Blue Moon, Seoul


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VIVA400 nomination for Ntjam Rosie

Ntjam Rosie is nominated for a VIVA400 award, a yearly list of the 400 most inspiring and succesful woman, selected by women magazine VIVA. On the 26th of November a winner for 8 different categories (e.g. creative, fashion) will be announced The College Hotel in Amsterdam.

Schermafbeelding 2013-10-30 om 12.10.25

Ntjam Rosie is nominated in the category Creative. And you can help her win! How? You can VOTE, and help Ntjam Rosie get in the TOP 5 in her category. And it's really easy,  since you use a 'social' account like your Facebook or LinkedIn. So there is no reason not to. Voting is possible until November 11, so be quick about it.